Radical epistemologies and future natures

Hosted by the Centre for Future Natures at the Institute for Development Studies, Sussex

This week we launch the first of the pre-conference asynchronous workshops, entitled Radical Epistemologies and Future Natures, co-hosted by the Centre for Future Natures at the Institute for Development Studies, Sussex. The new centre is led by Amber Huff, and a number of sessions in the workshop are drawn from a soft launch of the centre held in Brighton earlier this month. We hope you enjoy the content, and get an understanding of the centre, and its work, in case of future collaborations.

The workshop itself is hosted on the here and content from the workshop will ‘go live’ for engagement, comment and discussion, in the following order:

Commoning, Enclosure and Future Natures

The content for this session include a Keynote on Commoning and Enclosure, delivery by Massimo De Angelis, as well as an introduction of the Future Natures Centre, delivery by Amber Huff. The session is completed with a series of lightning talks on the commons by presenters.


Massimo De Angelis – Commoning and enclosures

Introduction to Future Natures Centre – Amber Huff

Lightning talks on commons

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Adrian Nel
Adrian Nel
1 year ago

Welcome to the first #POLLEN22 preconference workshop, on Radical Epistemologies and Future Natures. Please post any comments and questions here, or on twitter using #POLLEN22 and co-hosts and presenters will be able to engage with you.

Thenjiwe Ncube
Thenjiwe Ncube
1 year ago
Reply to  Adrian Nel

Thank you so much, Dr. Nel. It is an honor and privilege to join this pre-conference. As a Master of SS student interested in Political Ecology, I am looking forward to advancing my knowledge and research skills in the body of Political Ecology.

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